VOUNOT Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Duvets, Pillows, Blankets, Set of 9

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  • SAVE 75% OF SPACE IN YOUR CLOSET : You have the choice between 2 sizes of bags which allows you to compartmentalize your clothes, duvets or others. Added to this are vacuum bags allowing you to compress your belongings as much as possible..
  • LARGE OPENING FOR EASY STORAGE : With a zipper going all the way around the covers on the top, it will be easy for you to fully open the covers and facilitate the insertion of well-filled vacuum bags or simply clothes or other uncompressed according to your use. In addition, a plastic sleeve allows you to label the covers so you know the contents, just as a part of the transparent front will make it easier for you to visualize.
  • GOOD WATERPROOFING TO PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING : Double protection with first a cover allowing you protection against dust and bacterial growth but also a vacuum bag allowing you to remove all the air in the bag.

    Our storage bag is equipped with a sturdy two-way zipper, which not only allows you to open it easily, but also guarantees its life cycle.
    The handles on both sides of our storage bag allow you to carry it easily.
    One side of our storage bag is clear plastic. Thanks to this, you can see the contents without opening the storage bag.
    Our vacuum bag has the double closure system. It's designed to get the air out well and prevent the bag from inflating.



  • Dimension of large vacuum bag: 65x50x27cm
  • Capacity of large vacuum bag: 484L
  • Dimension of medium vacuum bag: 40x40x25cm
  • Capacity of medium vacuum bag: 154L
  • Dimension of large storage tote bag: 80x44x110cm
  • Dimension of medium storage tote bag: 60x32x80cm
  • Dimension of hand pump: 6.8x24cm