VOUNOT Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes, Duvets, Pillows, Blankets, Set of 13

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  • SAVE SPACE: Our vacuum storage bags allow you to save up to 80% space in your cupboard, suitcase, drawers and more.
  • MULTIPLE PROTECTION: Compression bags can keep your clothes, duvets, sheets and pillows clean and dry for a long time.
  • DOUBLE CLOSING SYSTEM: Our vacuum bags have the double closure system. It's designed to get the air out well and prevent the bag from inflating.
  • MULTIPLE USES AND REUSABLE: Our vacuum bags don't just compress your clothes. They also help you organize your storage and save you a big mess! Our storage bags are made of quality PA + PE material which allows them to be resistant, durable and reusable!

Manual Roll Vacuum Bags Included

Our vacuum bag set includes 2 manual roll vacuum bags which can meet your different needs.


Our vacuum roll storage bags are easy to use! No need for a pump or a vacuum cleaner to compress them thanks to its counter-air technology! Just put your things inside the bag, zip it up, and simply roll the bag up. Air will be exhausted from one side of the bag and will not come in if the bag is closed.


  • Material: PA-PE
  • Dimension of large vacuum bag: 80x120cm
  • Dimension of medium vacuum bag: 60x80cm
  • Dimension of small vacuum bag: 40x60cm
  • Dimension of bags manual roll: 35x50cm
  • Dimension of hand pump: 6.8x24cm


    • 2 x Large vacuum bags
    • 4 x Medium vacuum bags
    • 4 x Small vacuum bags
    • 2 x Roll bags
    • 1 x Hand pump