VOUNOT 2x10m Weed Control Fabric, Heavy Duty Landscape Ground Cover Membrane, Black

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Efficient use

  • Our mulch cloth can control the growth of weeds by blocking the light. It is resistant to UV rays, high temperatures and water.

Sustainable use

  • This mulch cover is tear resistant and adapts to different soils.

Respectful of the environment

  • Our mulch cover allows you to avoid using weedkillers and other chemicals. It can be used for vegetables, your fruit trees and etc.

High density

  • Weed control is constructed with premium PP material, the high density structure effectively prevents weeds from germinating and growing.

Protection UV

  • The fabric is also characterized by strong UV stabilization, which prevents the proliferation of new weeds.

Water permeable

  • The weed barrier with excellent permeability allows water and air to penetrate it and nourishes your plants, but prevents weeds.

    How do I install my weed control mulch?

    • Remove weeds and rake the soil.
    • Lay the tarp and secure it with the mounting stakes for best results.
    • Then cut cruciform planting holes in the canvas.
    • Put and install the plant and tamp.


      • Dimension: 10x2m
      • Material: Heavy duty 100gsm woven polypropylene fabric


        • 1 x Weed Control Fabric 
        Weed control mat 2x10m Weed control mat 2x10m with 30 pcs nails Weed control mat 2x25m Weed control mat 2x25m with 50 pcs nails