VOUNOT Baby Safety Playpen, Hearth Gate, Fire Gate, Fireplace Pet Fence 300cm

  • £75.99

  • EASILY FOLD UP & STORE - Our fireplace screen measures 76cm (30-inch) in height, 310cm(122-inch) fully expanded in width. It creates a large safe play space for baby and keeps young children and infants safe from the dangers of a fireplace but also keeps you pet away from Christmas trees or place. It is also very easy to fold and can stand by itself. When folded altogether, it can be easily stored in the basement or just beside fireplace. It is also light weight (12kg-26lb) and portable for you
  • INSTALL IN FEW SECONDS- Our 5 panel safety barrier is comes completely installed. You don’t need to assemble it, it is ready to use! No tools, no assembly required and no fuss — just open the box and use it. However it is recommended to fix it up on the wall with the included wall mounted accessories
  • ADJUSTABLE GATE WITH WALK THROUGH DOOR- The awesome part is that each section of the fence can bend at any angle (270degrees) so it can be straight, U-shaped, L- shaped, or Z- shaped. Swinging walk-thru door panel (17" x 29") is simple enough that you can open it easily, just press down the button with thumb and lift the gate at the same time to open. The door has a double safety lock to avoid your baby to open the door panel
  • MULTI-PURPOSE- The guard not only can be used as hearth gate or pet gate but also can be adapted for use as a room divider if you have an open plan living space but need to section off a baby safe area for your little one
  • SAFETY – Our fireplace screen has been tested and certified EN 12227:2010. It is made of robust metal material powder coated which provide a resistance against the heat of the stove. It is no danger for kids when the screen is fixed against the wall


    • The Best Protection For Your Babies. Our security barrier is wide and well constructed. It will protect your children from approaching the fireplace or other prohibited places. In addition, it is easy to fold and store.
    • Multi Function Barrier. Our barrier can be used for different functions. It can be an animal protection grid, a playpen, an animal fence or a room divider.

    Double Security Closure

    • A door with a special locking system guarantees the safety of your child, which can be opened with one hand in both directions.

    Angle Adjustable to 270 Degrees

    • Each of the 5 panels of our security barrier is adjustable up to 270 degrees. This allows you to change to U, Z or L shape as you need.

    Supplied Accessories

    • We advise you to fix this safety barrier to the wall for the best stability. All necessary accessories are provided in the packaging.



    • Height: ca.75cm
    • Length unfolded: ca.300 cm
    • Length bent: ca.64 cm
    • Folded thickness: ca.9cm
    • Weight: ca.12 kg