VOUNOT Cat House Wooden Kitten Home Outdoor Pet Shelter 57x45x43cm

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  • £65.99
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  • This wooden house offers your cat a safe and warm shelter. Wood works as thermal insulator help to keep warmth in winter and cool in summer. In addition, the PVC slats ensure optimal air circulation, thus guaranteeing a pleasant atmosphere for your cat to snuggle up inside.
  • With dimension of 57x45x43cm, our cat house is both spacious and cozy for all sizes cats. It is compact enough to fit all cat owners' lifestyles, whether they live in a small apartment in town or in a big house in the countryside.
  • With sloping and tarred roof, our wooden cat house offers optimal protection against rain, wind and sun. Its floor raised on 4 non-slip feet, your cat can rest and sleep peacefully, protected from bad weather.
  • The cat house is equipped with a plexiglass window allowing your kitten to observe outside environment. Also letting in the warm sunshine. The entrance to the house is specially designed for easy access. The free-standing roof allows you to easily feed or reach the cat.
  • Our wooden shelter is easy to maintain. You can clean the inside thanks to its freestanding roof . What's more, the wood is not only durable, but also resistant to scratches and stains, ensuring that your cat house will last a long time.


    • Weight: 6.5KG
    • Dimensions: L.57xW.45xH.43 cm
    • Material: Wood, PVC, metal, bitumen
    • Available Color: Grey,Wooden