VOUNOT Dutch Oven 9 Liters, Pre-Seasoned, Cast Iron Fire Pot with Carry Bag, Feet, Lid Lifter, Spiral Handle

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  • Safe and High Quality, our Dutch Oven is made of high quality, heat-resistant cast iron. The fire pot is pre-seasoned and can be used immediately. The lid can also be turned over and used as a pan.
  • Easy to use, the first-class cast iron pot offers the pleasure of eating delicious dishes and stores the heat for an extremely long time. Good heat transfer and special surface structure of cast iron heat can be stored and transferred efficiently and evenly. With a thermometer lead-through between the pot and the lid, the temperature can be observed at any time without opening the lid.
  • Mulitple uses, our cast iron pot is a great choice for both home and outdoor grilling. It is ideal for cooking, roasting, braising, deep-frying, steaming and baking and can also be used for the oven, fireplace, barbecue area or campfire.
  • With bag, a lid lifter is available with the cast iron pot, with which the lid can be lifted comfortably and safely. The specific details on care and cleaning can be found in the instructions. A storage bag is include.
  • Total capacity: 9 liters, suitable for 5-8 people. Inner diameter: 30 cm. Outside diameter: 30 cm. Total height: 17 cm. Inner pot height: 13 cm. Capacity (pot): 7.2 liters. Capacity (lid): 1.8 liters. Weight: 8.8 kg.


    • Total capacity: 9 liters, suitable for 5-8 people.
    • Inner diameter: 30 cm.
    • Outside diameter: 31 cm.
    • Inner pot height: 13 cm.
    • Total height: 17 cm.
    • Capacity (pot): 7.2 liters.
    • Capacity (lid): 1.8 liter.
    • Weight: 8.8 kg.


      • Clean our products only with warm water and then let it dry well. You can speed up the drying process by placing the item in a warm oven over low heat for about 15 minutes. Since cast iron conducts heat very well, it is best to use low heat.
      • Overheating can damage the cast and the contents can stick to the cast iron.
        Avoid damaging the casting surface with sharp or metallic objects.
        Warm the product on low heat for 5 minutes before increasing the temperature.


          • 1x pot;
          • 1x lid;
          • 1x lid lifter;
          • 1x storage bag;
          • 1x manual;