VOUNOT Fire Pit for Garden Patio Heater Charcoal Log Wood Burner Fire Bowl ⌀55cm

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    • This outdoor fire pit is ideal for cold evenings in every season, providing cosy warmth and glowing light for a comfortable atmosphere on the patio or garden.
    • This round steel fire pit includes the base, a bowl, a poker and a spark screen. The wood or charcoal can be put on the gate for better burning. The mesh lid with a ring can prevent danger of flying sparks.
    • With the Instruction leaflet and matching accessories.The installation couldn't be easier. The bowl is removable from the stand for easy cleaning.
    • Our firebowl is stable and the materials are made of high quality. It is heat-resistant and rustproof coating for repeated use.
    • Outside diameter of the fire bowl: 55 cm, height: 51.5 cm. Diameter of the grill: 31.5 cm. Weight: 3.65 kg. Scope of delivery: 1x net cover, 4 x removable legs, 1 x fire basket, 1 x grate, 1 x poker

  • Easy to install and use
  • With the removable legs, you can bring our fire pit to picnics or camping trips and anywhere you like. It can also be stored in a corner when not in use. Plus, a provided poker allows you to move the coals easily.


    Our quality steel grill resists high heat and rust.


    The base made up of four legs ensures an extremely stable support for this brazier.

        • MESH COVER

    The mesh lid with a ring can prevent sparks, embers and debris from escaping.



    • Material: metal with heat-resistant coating
    • Outside diameter of the fire bowl: 55 cm
    • Diameter of the grate: 31.5 cm
    • Weight: 3.65 kg


      • 4 x removable legs
      • 1 x Fire basket
      • 1 x Grate
      • 1 x poker
      • 1x spark screen