VOUNOT Chicken Coop and Run, Wooden Hen House with Nest Box 190 x 100 x 55cm

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  • COMFORTABLE HOUSE FOR HENDS: Our chicken house consists of three parts. A large partitioned outdoor space, chickens can move freely while staying in the chicken house. In space in the middle, they can sleep peacefully or make their needs. In the space on the left, chickens can lay eggs in it quietly
  • COMFORTABLE WOODEN COTTER: Our chicken house is equipped with 2 removable perches measuring 52 cm, allowing two or three chickens to sleep without any worries. The wooden roof is covered with bitumen to protect chickens from rain. In addition, the roof of the birdhouse is removable. This allows you to observe your hens in real time and quickly clean the birdhouse
  • Practical wooden chicken house: Our large chicken house has 2 nesting zones in 1 nesting area. The birdhouse is accessed by a ramp that connects the activity area and the dorm. In addition, the removable waste drawer makes daily maintenance easier
  • SAFE WOODEN CHICKEN: All doors of our chicken house are equipped with lockable locks and latches. You no longer have to worry about the safety of your chickens. The ramp can act as a door that has a lock at the top


  • The bedroom is accessed by a ramp that connects the activity space and the rest space.

Two Perches

  • Our chicken coop is equipped with two 52cm perches, which allows two bantam hens to sleep without any worries.

Asphalt roof

  • The wooden roof is tarred to prevent water from seeping in and protect the hens from the rain.

Removable Waste Drawer

  • The removable waste drawer facilitates daily maintenance.



    • Dimension: ca.190x100 x55cm
    • Weight: ca.21kg
    • Material: Wood


  • 1 x Unassembled cage
  • 1 x Instruction