VOUNOT Vacuum Storage Bags for Clothes Duvets, Underbed Storage Bags, Set of 5

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  • SAVE 75% OF SPACE IN YOUR CLOSET : Our storage covers allow you to compartmentalize your clothes, duvets or others thanks to 2 practical sizes which allow a location as well under the bed as in the cupboards. Added to this are vacuum bags allowing you to compress your belongings as much as possible.
  • LARGE OPENING FOR EASY STORAGE : With a large opening at the top of the storage, it will be easy for you to fully open the covers and facilitate the insertion of well-filled vacuum bags or simply clothes or other uncompressed depending on your use. In addition, the interior fasteners will allow you to better maintain the compression and the handles on the sides will allow you to move the covers better.
  • GOOD WATERPROOFING TO PROTECT YOUR CLOTHING: Double protection with first a non-woven fabric cover allowing you protection against dust but breathable and also protection against bacterial growth thanks to its vacuum bag allowing you to remove all the air in the bag.

    The 2 interior solid fasteners can guarantee the compression of your duvets.
    The handles on both sides of our storage bag allow you to carry it easily.
    One side of our storage bag is clear plastic. Thanks to this, you can see the contents without opening the storage bag.
    Our vacuum bag has the double closure system. It's designed to get the air out well and prevent the bag from inflating.


  • The size of 2 underbed storage cases is XXL 105 x 45 x 15.5 cm, XL 65 x 50 x 15.5 cm
  • The size of 2 vacuum storage bags is XXL 120 x 44 x 70 cm, XL 84 x 46 x 70 cm


    • 2 x Vacuum bags
    • 2 x Underbed storage bags
    • 1 x Manual pump