VOUNOT Chicken Coop and Run, Wooden Hen House with Nest Box 210 x 85 x 48cm

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Ideal chicken coop for chickens and comfortable house for rabbits and small animals

  • The chicken coop has space for 2 small or medium-sized chickens (also suitable for other small animals such as quail, rabbits, guinea pigs)
  • Hen house with nest box, accessible from outside, eggs can be easily removed
  • Equipped with a removable tray for easy cleaning
  • Asphalt roof, waterproof and warm. Two-layer design with good ventilation
  • Spacious event room with ramps on both sides.
    • Ramp

    The upper floor is accessible by a ramp that connects the activity space and the rest space.

    • 47cm perch

    Our chicken coop is equipped with a 47cm perch, which allows two hens to sleep without any worries.

    • Asphalt roof

    The wooden roof is tarred to prevent water from seeping in and protect the hens from the rain.

    • Removable Waste Drawer

    The removable waste drawer facilitates daily maintenance.



      • Dimension: ca. 210 x 85 x 48 cm
      • Weight: ca.20kg
      • Material: Wood




      • 1 x Unassembled cage
      • 1 x Instruction