VOUNOT Galvanised Steel Lawn Edging, Metal Garden Edging Landscape Border, 100 x 18 cm, 10pcs

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  • ELEGANT DECORATION: Our lawn edging made of galvanized steel is characterized by its suppleness and flexibility. Thanks to the infinite expansion, you can bend it into any shape, such as straight, round or square, and frame the bed exactly as you wish.
  • EASY INSTALLATION: You don't need screws to join multiple metal edges. Thanks to the simple plug-in-system, you can snap the two ends of the mowing edge together.
  • DURABLE EDGE: Our garden border made of 0.7 mm thick steel plate is extremely flexible and very strong. This ensures a very high durability over time and does not rust in any weather. No maintenance required.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Perfect for creating or demarcating flower beds, garden paths and for a clean lawn.


    • Package dimensions: 109 x 22 x 4 cm
    • Dimensions per lawn edge: 18 x 100 cm
    • Thickness per lawn edge: 0.7 mm
    • Material: galvanized steel
    • Total weight: 11 kg
    • Total length: 10 m


      • To install, check your soil. If it’s fairly soft, you can simply use a wood block placed on top of the edging to pound it to the desired depth. If the soil is hard, first dig a slim trench in which to bury edging.
      • For stability and to best contain creeping grass roots, it is recommended to submerge metal edging two to three inches below grade. This usually will allow a sufficient edge above ground to retain mulch or gravel.


          • 10 x lawn edges
          Green Garden Fence Black Garden Fence Grey Garden Fence
          10m with 30 stakes 10m with 30 stakes 10m with 30 stakes
          20m with 60 stakes 20m with 60 stakes 20m with 60 stakes

          Galvanized Garden Fence Brown Garden Fence
          10m, 10pcs 10m with 30 stakes
          20m, 20pcs 20m with 60 stakes