VOUNOT Natural Peeled Reed Fence 90x300cm with Fixing Clips Garden Panel Fence

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  • Reed fence: This bamboo cane fencing brings a natural and elegant touch to your home. With its authentic texture and earthy tones, it adds a rustic warmth to your outdoor area while providing a decorative touch to enhance your garden.
  • Privacy protection: Our reed fence panel creates a comfortable space where you can relax in peace, ensuring your comfort and privacy. These natural fences are all small gaps between each flat which is more sturdy and durable.
  • High quality reeed: Our reed screen roll is crafted with thicker and sturdier reeds, featuring narrower and more uniform gaps, enhancing their strength to create a more durable fence capable of reliably withstanding the elements.
  • Easy to install: Simply unroll it! You can use the provided fastening ties to securely attach the bamboo cane fencing in the area where you wish to install it. Additionally, we offer a variety of sizes to meet all your needs.
  • Multiple uses: This privacy fencing is ideal for various outdoor spaces such as garden, patio, or balcony. Weather-resistant stainless steel wire help to fix reeds, ensuring maximum durability while providing effective protection against strong winds and intense sunlight.

Deploy the reed cane | Attach the ties | Secure them with metal wires

Resist bad weather | Sun protection | Narrower and more uniform intervals


  • Material: Premium reed, metal
  • Colors: Nature
  • Available length: 3m; 6m
  • Available height: 0.9m; 1m; 1.4m
  • Accessories included: Cable ties