VOUNOT Retractable Stair Gate for Baby, Mesh Dog Gate, Extend Up to 180cm Wide, Fabric Safety Door Gate, White

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Retractable Stair Gate | Dog Gate | Fabric Stair Gates for Baby | Mesh Door Gate for Indoor Outdoor


  • Our retractable stair gate extends up to 180cm wide and 86 cm tall. Suitable for different kinds of indoor and outdoor wide gates, corridors, stairs or entrances.
  • One-handed operation: You can easily open and close the door with one hand. please just press
    Round button and slide square button to lock and unlock gate.
  • The safety gate is designed with tough fiber woven fabric so to protect from accidentally hitting the door.
  • With double locking function, safety gate blocks the way for small and medium-sized dogs, ensuring safety and security throughout the house.
  • The retractable stair gate includes 2 sets of installation accessories, which combined with the one-click disassembly function, is very convenient to use in multiple places. (Do not install on top of stairs)

  • This safety gate is intended for household use only. The safety gate should be checked regularly to ensure that it is secure and operational in accordance with these instructions.
  • Used correctly, this barrier is designed to prevent accidents. Children should never be left unsupervised.
  • The position of the safety gate in relation to the stairs can be dangerous.
  • If the safety gate is used at the bottom of the stairs, it should be positioned at the front of the last step. It should be checked that the safety gate is properly closed.

  •  WARNING :

    • Read the instructions before installation as incorrect installation can be dangerous.
    • This safety barrier should not be installed on windows
    • Never use without the wall suction cups.


    • Available colors: gray, black, white
    • Length: 0 to 180 cm
    • Weight: 1.72kg
    • Material: ABS+PV
    • Warning: Do not install at the top or top of stairs