VOUNOT Umbrella Base Stand for Cantilever and Banana Parasol, 60L/100kg

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  • Material: HDPE Plastic
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 60x80x17cm
  • Width of grooves: 40mm
  • Weight: ca.7kg
  • Capacity: ca.60L


  • Our parasol base is an indispensable accessory for your cantilever or banana parasol and is suitable for every parasol with cross base
  • Our parasol stand prevents your cantilever parasol from tipping over and ensures the stability of the cantilever parasol
  • The cantilever parasol base can be filled with 100 kg of sand or 60 kg of water, and your garden parasol stays safely on the ground even in windy conditions
  • The rollers and recessed grips on the underside of the parasol base stand make it easy to move. In addition, these parasol base weights are equipped with an entry hole and a drainage hole for easier use
  • Parasol base made of robust and durable plastic (HDPE)


  • You can fill up to 60 kg of water or sand. The hole on the side can easily drain water or sand.


  • There are two wheels and handles at the bottom of the base to help you move it around even when it's filled with water and sand.


  • Our slab is made of HDPE plastic. It is bigger and more stable than the others on the market.

Slab for cross legs

  • This base is designed for cross legs and essential for stabilizing the parasol.
  • The cross grooves are 40mm wide which are suitable for most umbrellas.

Applicable for

  • short side cross feet
  • long symmetrical cross legs
  • symmetrical cross legs


    • 1 x Base Stand