VOUNOT 4 Blade Log Burner Fan Stove Fan for Wood Burning, Eco Heat Powered Fireplace Fan

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  • Stove fans take the heat from stove and distribute it optimally into the room from the chimney level. It can help to spread warm air eco-friendlly by using the heat from your wood burning stove.
  • Oven fans do not require electricity or batteries. It uses the heat from the stove to power the fan, enjoy the warmth of the room and save your bills.
  • When temperature reaches about 50°C, stove fan starts to work. The optimal working temperature is between 50°C and 345°C. The higher the temperature, the faster the fan blade works. Even at top speed, the wood stove fan is almost completely silent.
  • The stove fan base and blades are made of anodized aluminum, which means the fan won't rust or corrode. It's durable enough to last a long time.
  • Stove fan is equipped with a bi-metal safety device at bottom. When the surface temperature rises above about 200°C, it gently lifts the front of the fan to protect the TEG and motor. When the surface temperature drops, the fan automatically returns to normal.


This heat powered stove fan requires no batteries or electricity and is designed to circulate hot air produced by wood/coal or pellets.

  • The thermoelectric module detects a minimum temperature around 50°C.
  • When the current produced by the module is sufficient, the fan starts to turn.
  • The fan begins to circulate hot air and warm your room effectively.

Quiet operation | Correct poses | Efficient operation

Anodized aluminum | Overheat protection | Detector module



  • Material: anodized aluminum
  • Starting temperature: 50°C
  • Maximum operating temperature: 345°C
  • Number of blades: 4
  • Rotor diameter: 180 mm
  • Weight: 0.58kg
  • Color: Black