VOUNOT Insulation Roll Radiator Foil 20m x 60cm x 3mm, Double Aluminum Bubble Foil

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Our flexible insulating films helps to protect and insulate in most areas. Reflecting heat and cold, it is perfect for roof and wall insulation, for insulating caravans and garage doors, car windows, outdoor stables, greenhouses and much more.


Double thermal bubble roll is made of aluminum foil and combined with durable bubble core, which is lightweight, waterproof, vaporproof, soundproof, blackout and non-conductive. Perfect for car, garage, poultry hutch, pools and heater reflector.


Insulation foil bubble wrap reflects the sun and insulates heat. It helps to stay room cool longer in summer, even in strong sunlight.


In winter, rooms stay warm longer because the aluminum insulating film helps keep cold outside and helps to keep heat instead of lost it. The radiator reflector foil helps reflect over 96% of the heat emitted by your home's radiators and is perfect for saving heating bills this coming winter.


Cold protection film is quite lightweight which makes it not only ideal for wall insulation and roof insulation in house construction, but also for shipping heat-sensitive goods such as chocolate or flowers.


Simply cut the film to the required size and stick or fix it to the surface.


  • Length: 20 m
  • Width :  60cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Material: Material: Aluminized Foil + Bubble Core


  • 1 x Thermal bubble wrap