VOUNOT Set of 3 Plant Protection Winter Fleece Horticultural Fleece Jacket 2m x 2.4m

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  • PLANTS PROTECTION: Our plant protection protects outdoor plants from cold and bad weather such as wind, frost, snow and rain. Meanwhile, they create a microclimate allowing air, light and water to pass through, thus avoiding the dehydration of the twigs, the bursting of the branches and the asphyxiation of the roots while allowing the development of buds and young shoots when Spring returns.
  • QUALITY MATERIAL: The winter fleece is made of high quality breathable non-woven polypropylene with a weight of 80g/m². The fabric is breathable which stores heat and humidity, protects against UV rays and provides good protection against frost while allowing air, light and water to pass through.
  • EASY TO USE: Our protective cover is easy to put on and take off (it has zipper on the side). The integrated adjustable drawstring is specially designed to keep the plant stable. This makes it easier for you to cover the plants in bad weather.
  • REUSABLE: Our blanket is made of thickened and reinforced polypropylene, which is not easy to tear and damage even if used in bad weather outdoors for a long time. It is washable, quick drying, reusable and easy to store.
  • WIDE APPLICATION: We have many different styles and sizes available. You can use our various horticultural fleece to protect and maintain healthy growing for tropical plants, trees and vegetables.


    • Material: 80gsm non-woven fabric
    • Color:White
    • Size: 200cm*240cm


      • 3 x winter cover