VOUNOT Set of 9 Clothes Storage Bag, 3 Foldabale EDENOO Storage bag 3 Vacuum Bags with Hand Pump

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  • Our vacuum bag set includes 4 EDENOO storage bags, 4 vacuum bags and 1 pump.
  • The storage bag is made of high-quality three-layer non-woven fabric, which is breathable, odorless and resistant to moisture and dust.
  • The vacuum storage bag is made of a strong, durable, waterproof and reusable PA+PE material.
  • With the help of vacuum compressed sealed storage bags, you will gain up to 80% storage space in your closet.
  • Ideal for quilts, pillows, cushions and garments. Not only can you put our organizer in your closet, but you can also put it under your bed.


  • 2 x EDENOO Large storage bags
  • 2 x EDENOO Medium storage bags
  • 2 x Large vacuum bags
  • 2 x Medium vacuum bags


  • Material: PA-PE
  • Size of storage bag: 2pcs*60x40x35cm ; 2pcs*100x50x15cm
  • Size of vacuum bags: 2pcs*110x44x100cm ; 2pcs*120x52x70cm
  • Size of hand pump: 4.4x4.4x24cm