VOUNOT Wooden Chicken Coop for Outdoors, Large Rabbit Hutch, 152 x 62 x 92 cm

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  • Comfortable house for chickens: our chicken coop is made up of three parts. In the lower space, the chickens can move freely inside. In the upper space they can sleep peacefully on the coat rack or relieve themselves inside. In the ponder, the hens can lay eggs quietly and comfortably.
  • Hen house with nest box, accessible from outside, eggs can be easily removed
  • Comfortable wooden chicken coop: Our chicken coop is equipped with a 46 cm perch, which allows two hens to sleep without any problem. The wooden roof is bitumen to prevent water from seeping in and protect the chickens from the rain.
  • Practical wooden chicken coop: the upper floor is accessible by a ramp that connects the activity space and the rest or deck space. In addition, the galvanized metal pull-out drawer facilitates daily maintenance.
  • Product features: 151 x 62 x 92 cm, perfect size for 2 chickens or rabbits; 17.15kg; unassembled product. Assembly instructions included (Spanish language not guaranteed).


    • Dimensions including roof approx.: 151 x 62 x 92cm
    • Weight: 17.5KG
    • Material: Wood
    • Unassembled product
    • Assembly instructions are provided


      • 1 x Chicken coop