VOUNOT Anti Glare Glasses for Night and Day Driving, Set of 2, Amber frame

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  • £24.99
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  • You can get 2 pairs of driving glasses, designed for people who wear prescription glasses, perfect for day and night driving
  • The lens covers the front and sides of the sunglasses, which can reduce irritating reflections and glare in any direction, so as to obtain better peripheral vision and eye protection
  • Use dark sunglasses during the day to block UV light and reduce irritating reflections. Using yellow night vision glasses at night can improve clarity and reduce glare without fear of super-bright head lights, making driving safer


    • Frame color: Amber
    • Frame width: 160 mm
    • Height of lens: 43 mm
    • Lens width: 64mm
    • Frame material: Plastic


      • 1 pair for the night
      • 1 pair for the sun